The Henna Tree Story

It was on the back of an Enfield motorbike riding through the desert of North India, after returning from a deep inner journey in meditation, that my doubts dropped and I began to really live my life from the centre of my creative source. My henna discovery was the seed. Henna is a plant, which gives a natural dye, it has been used for elaborate body art and hair colouring for thousands of years.

My art flourished in a world of intricate body adorning designs. The ‘Tribal Bodies’ series began. Intricate designs have always flowed freely through me onto some sort of medium, beginning on the edge of my work pad in my early school years.


The body was my canvas in this series, the curves and the movement, presented a challenge and it was an inspiration itself to work on a canvas that breathes life, that the canvas too has a response to the art.

I travelled Australia distributing this wonderful henna plant packaged and labelled ‘The Henna Tree’, a natural hair colour range.


Through working with henna sparked my interest to learn about other plants that give natural dye. I learnt some fascinating techniques and began to practice Natural Plant Dyeing, a form of textiles art.


After my first exhibition ‘The Earth Art Collection’ in 2011, at the Broome Convention Centre, which included two of my series ‘Tribal Bodies’ & ‘Nature’s Alchemy’, I then began to turn wall art into wearable art and then combined plant dyeing and henna art.

The Lalita Lotus clothing range was created. Inspired by this earth and it’s abundant gifts.


We are based in the beautiful Margaret River, where the forest, the river and the ocean come together in nature’s perfect dance. We love this Earth and believe in joining hands to promote sustainable clothing & products, learning about nature’s gifts and being a part of nature’s way.

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